3 Simple Landing Page Tips

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3 Simple landing page tips tangle creative website design
Understanding the path a customer will take on your website to covert is extremely important. However, the path doesn’t mean much if your bounce rate is high from customers never getting beyond your landing pages.  Each landing page should have a distinct purpose and get your customers to the next step.  This first impression is crucial and to help your copy and content, we’ve got 3 simple landing page tips for you that you can apply right away.

1. Headlines focused on Customer Benefit

Most products and services offer a solution to a problem customers are having.  The way your company goes about solving a problem can determine how strong your product-market fit will be.  Positioning headlines to reinforce the benefit you give to customers keeps them on the page because you have taken the time to think of their needs.  Your headlines make you relatable.

2. Clear and Concise calls to action

Call to actions should follow the same communication tips as the rest of your copy.  I first heard about the “C’s” of writing in school, but Nikki Ellidge Brown did a much better job of remixing them and explaining how to use them in business writing in this interview with Pat Flynn.
  • Be Clear. People need to literally understand what you’re saying
  • Be Credible. Which does come with competence and your value and your experience whenever you communicate.
  • Be Conversational. As long as you’re clear and as long as you’re credible and we believe you, we don’t think you’re a slimeball, then yeah, play with it and be conversational.
  • Be Connected. Be mindful of the purpose of what you’re sharing.

3. Content to back up both

Having copy, graphics, testimonials and videos can all be used to backup your headlines and calls to action.  Each should have a different goal and the customer won’t need to consume all before making a sale.
If they have a need for your product that is almost 10 out of 10, they will need little convincing and may only get a few sentences of content before purchasing.  However, the person who is a 5 out of 10 will need more convincing.  Each additional line they scroll, the case for you product should get stronger and make the customer have a harder time saying no.  The offer doesn’t have to change.  Just layer on the facts, testimonials, trials and product benefits.

Go Apply these Landing Page Tips

Developing good landing pages are a key reason your sales funnel will succeed. The transition to your website should give a positive impression and improve the customer’s opinion of your product or service. These simple landing page tips can help you create great landing pages.

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