Blog & Film: How They Work Together

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The english idiom states, “a picture speaks a thousand words”. That must mean a video speaks a million words, right? Video is engaging, easy to follow, and entertaining. The best places to put your video is on your website and other platforms that will drive traffic to your website. If you’re new to video, try incorporating snack-size (up to 2 minutes long) footage into some of your blog posts.

Your first steps towards successful video blogging are to:

  1. Create a YouTube account for your business (your account name and profile image should match your social media)
  2. Upload your one-take or edited video to your account
  3. Embed your YouTube video into the top of your blog post (in the description, write a few sentences about your video and link to your blog post and website)
  4. Summarize or list a few key takeaways from your video in the body of the blog (just in case your viewers need something to refer back to)
  5. Monitor comments and shares to discover what your followers want to see next!

Differentiate yourself from competitors by incorporating video into your blog. Not only will video content give your blog direction, it will help your business gain credibility and be seen as technologically savvy. Consistently publish your video content at peak viewing hours and tag your videos using relevant keywords.


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