Blog & Film: How They Work Together

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The english idiom states, “a picture speaks a thousand words”. That must mean a video speaks a million words, right? Video is engaging, easy to follow, and entertaining. The best places to put your video is on your website and other platforms that will drive traffic to your website. If you’re new to video, try incorporating snack-size (up to 2 minutes … Read More

When Great Minds Come Together, BIG Ideas Come to Life

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Young Professionals Leadership Forum: Illuminate Vancouver  The Greater Vancouver Board of Trade hosted the 8th Annual Leadership Forum on May 18th at the Imperial Vancouver. The Company of Young Professionals (CYP) challenged Peer Leadership Forums (PLFs) to create videos addressing Greater Vancouver’s most pressing issues. The films were informative, innovative, and inspiring. The winning video drew attention to the unaffordability of … Read More

2016 Engaged Leadership Certificate Recipient

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2016 chris milton engaged leadership certificate

Today was a pretty special night. There was a great panel discussing the viability of Vancouver’s future and a handful of amazing videos by some CYP teams that are planning for the future. What made it unique was receiving my certificate of engaged leadership from the Greater Vancouver Board of Trade. Most volunteers never get rewarded or recognized for their … Read More

5 Steps to Picking the Right Platforms

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Social media has become an increasingly useful tool for businesses to gain brand recognition and loyal followers. As various platforms compete for the consumer’s leisure time, it is crucial to have a focused social media strategy. This is especially important for smaller businesses with limited resources. The biggest social media myth is that it is “free”. A strong social media … Read More


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It was a pleasure speaking at the BCREA event for the Youth Leadership Network on Making Social Media Work for you.  Social media is a great tool for all realtors to use as part of their marketing efforts. I suggest you use the slides as a reference point while building your social planning, or need a refresher down the road. If you … Read More

SLACK – Virtual Team Communications

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Ideal Team Size: All company sizes Pricing: FREE for up to 10,000 messages/month Website: When you have a virtual team, like we do at Tangle Creative, good team communications is critical for collaboration and successful project management. We have been using Slack for about 6 months now, and it has quickly become our new favourite tool for communicating. Their desktop … Read More

How to Prepare For Your Website Redesign

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how to prepare for your website design

Now that “having a website” for your business has shifted from a luxury to an essential, we do a lot of work with businesses on taking their website to the next level with a redesign, inbound marketing or blogging. We get just as excited as our clients to have a new website launched or improved, but I’ll be honest, typically the … Read More

Don’t Miss Opportunities With Your YouTube Videos

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dont miss opportunities optimize your youtube videos for video marketing

YouTube is a video powerhouse. As an advertising platform, it’s one of the most effective for both video creators and advertisers. Advertisers can target specific audiences because the video content library is so broad, that almost everything has been made. This keeps advertising costs down even if the cost per impression is high. Video creators can access this audience as … Read More

Activate your Press Mentions

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activate your press mentions with these pr tips

Promoting your business in today’s digital space really means that individual channels mean less and an integrated marketing strategy means a lot more.  Being able to control more of the path for potential customers who are interested and want to learn more about your company means the impression is only scratching the surface. Even a few years ago, the barriers … Read More