Branding your Passion

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Social Media and Content Marketing are not only important to branding products and services; they are also vital towards branding you. You might have really big goals, and feel like you do not know how to achieve them, but there are so many ways that you can put your gifts out there and get noticed. I’ve learned it is important … Read More

Expert Blogging Tips & Resources

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Expert Blogging Tips - Tangle Creative Marketing

There’s A LOT of information on the waves of the internet, waiting for you to surf and discover. I personally put together expert blogging tips to learn best practices and refine my blogging style. followers will more than likely come back for more of your posts if they like your voice on opinions Click To Tweet Best Practices There are … Read More

3 Simple Landing Page Tips

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3 Simple landing page tips tangle creative website design

Understanding the path a customer will take on your website to covert is extremely important. However, the path doesn’t mean much if your bounce rate is high from customers never getting beyond your landing pages.  Each landing page should have a distinct purpose and get your customers to the next step.  This first impression is crucial and to help your … Read More

Fierce Rivalry Brings Out The Best We Have To Offer

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Yankees and Red Sox Competition Makes Us Stronger

At any given time there could be a brawl breaking out in our office.  Two of our partners are on opposite sides of the most storied rivalry in baseball.  The New York Yankees and the Boston Red Sox.  When it comes to work, this never gets in the way, but it does come up in conversation when they don’t agree … Read More

The Impact of Decisions

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yankees championships

Everyone I know seems to hate the New York Yankees. Heck, even people from New York aren’t immediately born Yankee fans. I’ve learned over the years the best way to ask a New Yorker which team he or she supports is to ask, “Are you a Mets fan?” People generally hate winners! No one likes sport teams that always win, … Read More

Old School Principles to Build your Email List

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old school tactics for email list building

When was the last time you put your business card into the box for the chance at a free lunch? Sure, we know the idea here – keep people coming back, get their names, see where they are from, create regular customers.  This is basic grassroots marketing. Connecting to the people and getting them to opt-in for value, in this … Read More

If a Picture is worth 1000 words, a 30 Second Video is worth 720,000 or more!

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If a Picture is worth 1000 words, a 30 second video is 720000 words - tangle creative

Let’s do the simple math to justify the title of this article.  We know the old saying where one thousand words are equivalently represented in one picture.  But video? Thats a pretty big statement (and a pretty big number). Looking up some basic facts about videos reveal the foundation of motion pictures.  Each frame exposes a certain number of pictures or frames … Read More