Chief Marketing Officer for Hire

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Chief Marketing Officer FOR HIRE Tangle Creative

C-Level executives are incredibly valuable to the firms they work for.  Typically, they are quintessential in the strategic direction and vision of the company.  While they have tremendous value, they are also rare and come with a big price tag.  On of the biggest fears of any hiring manager is hiring the wrong person for the job. A risk that … Read More

3 Premium WordPress Themes for Golf Courses

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A golf course doesn’t get the opportunity to close prospects on the links.  Sure, there’s food and drink to be sold, and some great stuff in the pro shop, but the golfers need to have the real reason to come play a round of golf.  Showcasing your golf course online can make all the difference.  These 3 premium WordPress themes … Read More

Blogging Benefits Your Business in Multiple Ways

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blogging benefits your business

It would have been fitting for this to be the first post on Tangle Creative’s new blog because we know that blogging benefits our business.  That ship has sailed, the first post was prior to this, yet this is just as valuable. Blogs come in a variety of styles and have endless possibilities.  From the biggest online newspapers and magazines … Read More

What Does Responsive Design Mean for You?

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RESPONSIVE DESIGN tangle creative websites

  What is responsive design? Responsive design is a flexible and adaptable website that will change how it looks based on the type of device and size of screen. This is easy to understand when you think about how we interact differently with different devices. Links for example are easy to click on when using the mouse on a desktop … Read More

If you build it, WHY will they come?

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if you build it why will they come tangle creative blog

The field of dreams quote is terribly outdated, and I’m probably not the first to tell you. “If you build it, they will come” might still relate to ball players needing a place to work their craft, but it could not be more different from the landscape facing most businesses today. As a company who works on developing effective marketing strategies, … Read More