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Social Media and Content Marketing are not only important to branding products and services; they are also vital towards branding you. You might have really big goals, and feel like you do not know how to achieve them, but there are so many ways that you can put your gifts out there and get noticed. I’ve learned it is important to put yourself out there, and be as transparent as possible with your desires. If you are really talented, someone is bound to recognize this. Do not feel like it is impossible, but also do not stop trying. There is plenty you can do. Here are four tips that if executed properly, will help you stand out in your search for career happiness.

1) Edit Your LinkedIn Page

Spend the time to really target your key strengths, talents and experiences. LinkedIn is the new resume. Most companies are checking your LinkedIn page directly after getting your real resume. LinkedIn shares a metric of where your profile stands in terms of being complete. Linkedin will let you know and remind you of incomplete sections. Take their advice. Ensure you are at that “all-star” LinkedIn profile level. Have a complete bio (get someone to write it for you if words are not your thing); list your specialties, passions and strengths. Write detailed descriptions for your work experiences, upload media, and use professional photos. These don’t have to be your head shots, but something bright that shows off your personality, and looks like a photo a company would use on their career page. Think of LinkedIn as a portfolio of your experience—make it as vibrant as possible. Add a cover photo. Write testimonials for other coworkers and endorse people. All of these things count towards building engagement, and it is these types of things, which are going to get you viewed. Take the time to devise a clever “tagline”, which really speaks to what you want and can do. Constantly be looking at companies, connections and “liking” postings. Not only does this keep you active, but it opens the door for people to write testimonial about you, read your stuff, and endorse you for your skills.

LinkedIn is all about networking. This is the perfect platform to ask someone (in your desired industry) out for a coffee. Don’t be shy in trying to make new connections that seem relative to your future goals or career needs. It is better to take the chance and put yourself out there because anything can happen.

LinkedIn gives you an opportunity to directly reach out to the companies that you want to work for. Follow them. Like their posts, share their posts, mention them in your posts. Make contact with them if needed. Build your LinkedIn network and page to reflect your career aspirations. Follow key influencers and companies within your industry. Be active, and keep your eyes peeled for opportunities.

And most importantly, share your perspective. Do not be afraid to post an article, or post something that relates to a job position you are an after. The more insight you demonstrate and flex—the better. With the proper hashtag and title, you never know who is going to read your work. LinkedIn is providing you with a free audience, and it will alert people the moment you post something new, all of which makes your chances of being read quite high. Conveniently LinkedIn will also let you know how many people are viewing your material, so you will always have an idea about how you are ranking.

2) Get A Blog

A blog is a great way to get your position out there, but it is also an excellent way to connect with companies and industry leaders. Pick a topic that caters towards your career goals or highlights your specific strengths. Write articles that reflect your unique, informed disposition—articles that speak to the platforms of the companies you are after. Something informative, complimentary, or even better, something relative but new. In a sense, a blog is an extended resume of your talent, and people are impressed by those who hold down social consistency.

A blog is also a “work sample”, it let’s people know how well you write, how well you pay attention to detail, and how good you are at putting things together. Your dedication to your blog site will also be quite telling. People are impressed with someone who shows loyalty to a project. You would be surprised to know how many people have started a blog, only to neglect it.

Also, blogging is a skill, and those who can do it well do have an upper hand on those who can’t. Saying you are familiar with blogging platforms, and that you can blog independently is a huge asset for a lot of companies. 

3) Get Social

If you want to get hired, you have to get social, and this does not mean simply getting the platforms—you have to be active on them! People are more likely to hire people they can find online. Set up social media profiles and post relative material. Engage online. Share things on Linkedin, Tweet wisely and use powerful, educational, informative and relative content. Share your blog post on Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google+. Hashtag appropriately. Try to build a following and demonstrate that you are capable of having social impact, and creating authentic client relationships. Do this by staying highly engaged, following others, commenting on their photos, and posting good images and content that will get likes and comments.

4) Target Your Companies

Show companies that you like that you understand the content that they are posting. Take on the role of an educated, influencer marketer that has insight on the topic. Let companies feel your passion by paying them social attention and engagement with them when needed. Be original in your approach; don’t be afraid to make that extra effort to impress a company. For example, you can dedicate a blog post to them and share it—you can make a video. There are a lot of things that you can do to show your interest and skill. Don’t be scared of being original and going against what you “should” traditionally do to get hired, those days are gone. If the online resume sending game teaches you anything, it’s that there are high chances the companies you want to work for (the most) haven’t seen your resume. Companies rely on analytics to aid in the recruiting process, so if they want to get a taste of who you really are as a person, you have to go out of your way to show them. Most places want genuine talent, but most importantly want a fit for their company, and that relies heavily upon your individual persona. 

How it Can Work  

If you’ve just graduated high school, and you know there is a specific industry that you want to get into–in this case, we’ll pretend that field is writing. I would start to think about ways to showcase my writing, even before graduation. I would try to get published somewhere. This is when having a consistent blog is key. Starting a blog gives you the platform you need as a writer. You write and you share what you write with your community. My blog is a reflection of my aspirations, and often a platform for me to express my passions.

You can also try to involve yourself in Internships or Work-Learn programs that will place you in the right roles that will let you exercise your talents in a professional setting. Before I graduated University, I had several company blog posts published for a reputable corporation, and this helped to build my resume and portfolio for future work experience.

Finding work as a writer can be challenging, but a good way to leverage yourself is through free avenues that will showcase your talent. Never stop writing, working, devising. Connect with companies like Elite Daily and apply to be Contributing Writing. I did this, was accepted and just published my first article on Elite Daily. Contributing Writers do not get paid, but it is a great opportunity to get your name out there, and get your work shared. There is credibility in writing for a popular site that houses over 300,000 writers. As a writer you want an audience, and that’s exactly what sites like LinkedIn and Elite Daily provide.

Sign up for opportunities to write blog posts for other companies, pitch opportunities to companies, and if that fails, write for yourself. Still write for companies, but do it on your own forums. For example, I wrote an article on my own blog, posted it on Instagram, with suitable hastags (that would drive the target market) and I was offered to write a guest blog post with The Marketing Chicks from Houston. I took it upon myself to come up with a likable idea, and shortly I became a published blogger on their site, and my photo was later Shout out on their Instagram (which is followed by 23.3K) and introduced as their new Business Blogger.

I continued to publish articles on LinkedIn, and was offered a job (with no formal interview) to write furniture descriptions for a Vancouver company. It seemed my articles were reaching people, and my ability to get social and put myself out there –really helped direct my talent towards the right people and the right places. People were recruiting me completely off of seeing my social profiles. In fact, my most recent LinkedIn article is what led me to Tangle Creative. They liked what they read and wanted to meet with me to discuss a copywriting position.

As you can see, none of these jobs came in a organic fashion—each were achieved through the use of networking, social impact and influence, but most importantly they were fuelled by a drive and desire that would not quit. If you need to do what you love in order to be happy, then you should do exactly that, and keep doing it. If you have a skill, somebody is going to notice it because you’ve made it virtually impossible for them not to. I highly recommend applying these four steps and monitoring the connections they bring in to your life–because if you truly are talented and stick to a level of consistent engagement, there is no way you won’t get noticed.


This post written by Tara Chloe Dusanj, our writing resource who always reminds us to get more social.  You can connect with her on LinkedIn to see where she takes her writing career from here or subscribe to our newsletter for more of her articles on best practices for branding, marketing and business.

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