Blog & Film: How They Work Together

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The english idiom states, “a picture speaks a thousand words”. That must mean a video speaks a million words, right? Video is engaging, easy to follow, and entertaining. The best places to put your video is on your website and other platforms that will drive traffic to your website. If you’re new to video, try incorporating snack-size (up to 2 minutes … Read More

Branding your Passion

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Social Media and Content Marketing are not only important to branding products and services; they are also vital towards branding you. You might have really big goals, and feel like you do not know how to achieve them, but there are so many ways that you can put your gifts out there and get noticed. I’ve learned it is important … Read More

Expert Blogging Tips & Resources

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Expert Blogging Tips - Tangle Creative Marketing

There’s A LOT of information on the waves of the internet, waiting for you to surf and discover. I personally put together expert blogging tips to learn best practices and refine my blogging style. followers will more than likely come back for more of your posts if they like your voice on opinions Click To Tweet Best Practices There are … Read More

Blogging Benefits Your Business in Multiple Ways

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blogging benefits your business

It would have been fitting for this to be the first post on Tangle Creative’s new blog because we know that blogging benefits our business.  That ship has sailed, the first post was prior to this, yet this is just as valuable. Blogs come in a variety of styles and have endless possibilities.  From the biggest online newspapers and magazines … Read More