Blog & Film: How They Work Together

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The english idiom states, “a picture speaks a thousand words”. That must mean a video speaks a million words, right? Video is engaging, easy to follow, and entertaining. The best places to put your video is on your website and other platforms that will drive traffic to your website. If you’re new to video, try incorporating snack-size (up to 2 minutes … Read More

Don’t Miss Opportunities With Your YouTube Videos

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dont miss opportunities optimize your youtube videos for video marketing

YouTube is a video powerhouse. As an advertising platform, it’s one of the most effective for both video creators and advertisers. Advertisers can target specific audiences because the video content library is so broad, that almost everything has been made. This keeps advertising costs down even if the cost per impression is high. Video creators can access this audience as … Read More

Recommended Marketing Certifications

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recommended marketing certifications from tangle creative

Spending time talking with students about their career path and how they can make an impact is an activity that always deserves my time.  I think its important to give back and share your experiences and best practices.  In a follow-up to one of the points made when speaking recently, I wanted to go through a couple of important certifications … Read More

Marketing and Music – Be Heard.

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be heard by your audience marketing is like mustic

What does good marketing and good music have in common? For one, they both have the opportunity to portray a message, like the chorus of a clever song. It’s the ability to invoke imagery and emotion by guiding people through a story. It’s a way to connect with an audience to show the value of a brand or product. Just … Read More

Marketing on a Budget: 5 Tips for Small Business

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Marketing on a Budget for Small Business

Marketing on a budget is extremely attainable in an age of technology. The traditional definition of marketing has been overhauled and now includes more than television spots and magazine advertisements. Technology ranges from digital planning tools to cell phones to digital printers. People who are not experts are able to create great looking graphics and are able to bring campaigns … Read More

Old School Principles to Build your Email List

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old school tactics for email list building

When was the last time you put your business card into the box for the chance at a free lunch? Sure, we know the idea here – keep people coming back, get their names, see where they are from, create regular customers.  This is basic grassroots marketing. Connecting to the people and getting them to opt-in for value, in this … Read More

If a Picture is worth 1000 words, a 30 Second Video is worth 720,000 or more!

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If a Picture is worth 1000 words, a 30 second video is 720000 words - tangle creative

Let’s do the simple math to justify the title of this article.  We know the old saying where one thousand words are equivalently represented in one picture.  But video? Thats a pretty big statement (and a pretty big number). Looking up some basic facts about videos reveal the foundation of motion pictures.  Each frame exposes a certain number of pictures or frames … Read More

Chief Marketing Officer for Hire

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Chief Marketing Officer FOR HIRE Tangle Creative

C-Level executives are incredibly valuable to the firms they work for.  Typically, they are quintessential in the strategic direction and vision of the company.  While they have tremendous value, they are also rare and come with a big price tag.  On of the biggest fears of any hiring manager is hiring the wrong person for the job. A risk that … Read More