Activate your Press Mentions

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activate your press mentions with these pr tips

Promoting your business in today’s digital space really means that individual channels mean less and an integrated marketing strategy means a lot more.  Being able to control more of the path for potential customers who are interested and want to learn more about your company means the impression is only scratching the surface. Even a few years ago, the barriers … Read More

Marketing on a Budget: 5 Tips for Small Business

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Marketing on a Budget for Small Business

Marketing on a budget is extremely attainable in an age of technology. The traditional definition of marketing has been overhauled and now includes more than television spots and magazine advertisements. Technology ranges from digital planning tools to cell phones to digital printers. People who are not experts are able to create great looking graphics and are able to bring campaigns … Read More

Chief Marketing Officer for Hire

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Chief Marketing Officer FOR HIRE Tangle Creative

C-Level executives are incredibly valuable to the firms they work for.  Typically, they are quintessential in the strategic direction and vision of the company.  While they have tremendous value, they are also rare and come with a big price tag.  On of the biggest fears of any hiring manager is hiring the wrong person for the job. A risk that … Read More

If you build it, WHY will they come?

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if you build it why will they come tangle creative blog

The field of dreams quote is terribly outdated, and I’m probably not the first to tell you. “If you build it, they will come” might still relate to ball players needing a place to work their craft, but it could not be more different from the landscape facing most businesses today. As a company who works on developing effective marketing strategies, … Read More