How to Prepare For Your Website Redesign

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how to prepare for your website design

Now that “having a website” for your business has shifted from a luxury to an essential, we do a lot of work with businesses on taking their website to the next level with a redesign, inbound marketing or blogging. We get just as excited as our clients to have a new website launched or improved, but I’ll be honest, typically the … Read More

The Carpet and The Drapes: Digital vs. Company Branding.

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digital company branding vs traditional company branding

In a digital age where ad demographics possess finely calibrated BS detectors, you better make sure that the carpet matches the drapes when it comes to branding. Most businesses focus on landing page optimization, on site SEO, and impressions–everything within the digital realm. But what happens when the customer comes from the digital store-front to your store’s door-step? To ensure … Read More

3 Simple Landing Page Tips

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3 Simple landing page tips tangle creative website design

Understanding the path a customer will take on your website to covert is extremely important. However, the path doesn’t mean much if your bounce rate is high from customers never getting beyond your landing pages.  Each landing page should have a distinct purpose and get your customers to the next step.  This first impression is crucial and to help your … Read More

What Does Responsive Design Mean for You?

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RESPONSIVE DESIGN tangle creative websites

  What is responsive design? Responsive design is a flexible and adaptable website that will change how it looks based on the type of device and size of screen. This is easy to understand when you think about how we interact differently with different devices. Links for example are easy to click on when using the mouse on a desktop … Read More