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You spend time creating a plan and helping your clients achieve their top health and wellness goals, we do that for marketing.

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  • As a personal trainer or studio owner, we want to thank you for making the world a healthier place. We at Tangle Creative want to work with you to make your marketing better. After all, you should be spending as much time as possible training with clients.
  • Typically, we are approached with a website design project that blossoms into more opportunities like photography, how-to videos, content marketing and online courses. We’re here so you can have a rock solid brand and grow your company.

Marketing For Fitness


Having a website seems like a lot of work. Take a breath, we’ve got this. Content will be developed with our writing team so your voice is heard loud and clear. All of our websites are mobile friendly, since your clients are always on the go, and maintenance is always included. Site vary from being a good introduction, to a fully functioning e-commerce platform. You let us know your goals.

Loyalty Programs

Repeat business from loyal clients is great. Without their loyalty, its hard to see them accomplish their goals. We also see that loyal clients are the most likely to give referrals. We work with fitness professionals and studios to develop perks and loyalty programs that help retain clients and free up time to organically grow.

Marketing Management

There are so many places you can be online sharing your expertise. This starts with great content on your own website and then developing your presence on social media, with emails to clients and marketing to get new clients. We take care of all your marketing needs so you can focus on your work. Think of us like a trainer for your brand.

Online Courses

Trouble getting to the gym is a terrible excuse for anyone who wants to get in shape, yet it hinders you from working with people. We’ve developed online courses to let you duplicate your self and reach markets you otherwise couldn’t. The time and geographic constraints are gone with online content that you are able to sell. Even existing clients enjoy having refreshers between training sessions.

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