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When you perfect customers are within a short bike ride, we know you’re a part of the community and are looking to meet the neighbours. Focusing on specific groups of people in a small geographic areas is the key to your success.

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  • Many small business owners are looking for less reach and more engagement. It makes perfect sense, and you’re ahead of most of your competition. Rather than think about expanding reach through digital, the best opportunities can be right down the street.
  • Looking first at the product – market fit, we create marketing solutions to reach, incentivize and convert your best clients. Located close to your business, we develop strategies that foster loyalty through the convenience of being in the neighbourhood.

Marketing For Local Business

Website & Digital Presence

No matter how close your prospective customers might be, they still look at your website and reputation online first. There’s always research done ahead of the purchase and your messaging draws them to your business. It is typically based on reviews and ease of access to you. Let’s get more people moving to your business.

Direct Mail

Specifically targeting areas that have your audience, direct mail can have a tremendous response with the right offer or promotion. Multiply the mail’s effectiveness by having a geographic specific digital campaign to get your brand in front of your ideal customers no matter where they are because you know they make buying decisions outside of their home too.

Marketing Management

We look after all your social media, printing, website, email marketing and advertising so you can focus on what’s most important: running your business and interacting with your customers. We know that’s why they keep coming back. Let us manage the rest so your business can thrive.

Developing Loyalty

While more businesses are succeeding with convenience, they businesses that are getting ahead are creating a strong mix of convenience and loyalty. We build a program for your business that promotes loyalty, more reviews, referrals and new business. Its time to reward your best customers and see more coming in the door.

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