Defining Your Sales Funnel so it can Bear Fruit

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Defining your sales funnel so it can bear fruit
In the backyard of my heritage home grows a vibrant peach tree that my parents fought so hard to keep alive. During a renovation phase, my parents decided that they could not bear to lose the tree as it sat squarely in the expansion area of the new dining room so they moved the tree to a different location within the backyard. After caring for the tree for a few seasons, the tree refused to bear any fruit on its branches. My parents bought in horticultural experts to see if there was anyway to save the tree; one after one all came with different expensive solutions to help nurture the tree back to life with little to no guarantees of success. Some even questioned why my parents wanted to keep the tree and suggested that they destroy the tree.
My parents, being stubborn, decided that hard work and some practicality might revive the tree. They spent months doing the little things, like daily watering, applying plant growth soil to enrich the tree’s roots, and sometimes even talking to the tree. Through their meticulous care, the tree bared fruit for the first time in years and has continued to bear fruit since.  Not giving up on the tree and trying different methods really made the difference when no one else thought it would work.

Nurturing your business brand is like nurturing the peach tree. There will be “experts” that approach you with suggestions that may or may not be effective. There will be competitors that threaten your daily livelihood. Don’t let these fears be the reason to not grow your brand.
Putting in work to something over time means there is long term value, a return on your investment. The comparison with the peach tree is a great parallel with a website. Once the work has been put in to defining your sales funnel and building it, you’re able to reap the benefits again and again.
Much like a peach tree bearing fruit, defining your sales funnel strategy should benefit your business with metrics that matter to you.  We’re not in the business of building you a website that doesn’t accomplish your unique needs.  While we could pitch you on hundreds of ideas that have been used before, your strategy will work best with a few good tactics catered to your objectives.
Defining your sales funnel can vary for different industries. Here’s a few examples of customers we have helped with various objectives.

1) Lead Generation for Real Estate Agents

Sales Funnel Objective: New Leads of Home Buyers and Sellers
Action Plan:
  • Integrate with MLS to access listing data with a custom inquiry form to draw potential home buyers
  • “Free Home Evaluation” lead magnet to draw potential sellers
  • Increase neighbourhood content to increase awareness of the realtor’s local expertise

2) Quote for Renovation Contractor

Sales Funnel Objective: Qualify leads and narrow services before first call
Action Plan:
  • Crafted services page that navigated through
  • Built landing pages for each service
  • Created a portfolio of previous projects
  • Added a robust custom quote form to filter needs and establish budget

3) Online Sales for Existing Brick & Mortar Retailer

Sales Funnel Objective: Create online store to sell products online
Action Plan:
  • Added selected product pages based on in-store performance and online demand
  • Created supplemental blog content to introduce products
  • Simple 2-Step checkout

4) Lead Generation for Sales Team

Sales Funnel Objective: Capture interest of prospects for inbound sales team to follow up
Action Plan:
  • Landing pages for dedicated target audience
  • Lead Magnet for each of their idea customers
  • Leads populate directly into the company’s CRM

5) Increase Email Subscribers for a growing Blog

Sales Funnel Objective: Increase number of people on mailing list for monthly newsletter
Action Plan
  • Strategically placed opt-in boxes
  • Newsletter signup through social media platforms
  • Lead Magnet to incentivize newsletter signups

6) Appointment Booking for a Personal Trainer

Sales Funnel Objective: Automate bookings for training sessions with returning clients
Action Plan
  • Bundle and Productize services to allow for checkout
  • Create online subscription payment processing
  • Online calendar for clients to book next training session
At Tangle Creative, we believe in helping small business compete on the same level as the larger conglomerates by offering affordable website solutions. We pride ourselves for being able to scale our products and services to match the needs of our clients while other agencies refuse to deviate from their set packages. With our nurturing, we can help you by defining your sales funnel strategy and build your brand!  Lets talk.

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This article was carefully nurtured by our very own Sammy Chang who spends most of his time with clients looking to gain an edge on their competition.  If you liked this article, you can sign up for the Tangle Creative newsletter to receive the latest content delivered to your inbox.

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