Don’t Miss Opportunities With Your YouTube Videos

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YouTube is a video powerhouse. As an advertising platform, it’s one of the most effective for both video creators and advertisers. Advertisers can target specific audiences because the video content library is so broad, that almost everything has been made. This keeps advertising costs down even if the cost per impression is high. Video creators can access this audience as well. There is someone out there on YouTube that wants what you’re making. On the monetary side, those top dollars that advertisers are paying becomes a revenue share when you’ve created a large enough audience.

Here are 5 tips to help your videos get little more attention.

1. Your Title counts

The title should be the most accurate description of your video. While some keyword research can help, cater the title to someone who hasn’t ever been introduced to you or the topic before. Some examples that work well:

  • How to…
  • Learn …
  • Steps to..
  • Beginners guide to

These capture leads at the top of your funnel, and can act as a great reminder for anyone.  Never be hesitant to keep things simple.  Even experts will agree with the basics, but the experts are probably your competition, not your audience.

2. Group videos as playlists

One tip for user retention (staying and watching your channel, not someone else’s) is to group all of your videos into a playlist. It adds one more field that you can use for keywords, and playlists have auto-play turned on by default. No matter where someone starts, they will continue with your next video before getting recommendations for other people’s videos when your video ends.  Here’s an example of a playlist we built after filming each hole at one of our client’s golf course using a drone to capture the ball flight.

Tip: When you are sharing on websites and social, make sure you share when the video is playing as part of a playlist.  The steps to click Share, then embed, will have the autoplay feature turned on.  

The last thing you want on your own website is someone else’s videos.  Especially if its one of your rivals!

3. Have a Description That Gets Action

The description is the most underused part of YouTube videos. Each of your descriptions should be well thought out and include a couple of things.

  • A concise and accurate description of the video
  • Your call to action with a link
  • Links to any suggested videos you mention in your video (you should watch “this video” next)… Seems redundant, but it helps.
  • Links for any material that is referenced in the video (music, books, people, blog posts ) Be nice always give attribution. It helps your SEO and makes you a better person.

You don’t need to have all of these things, but make sure the appropriate fields are filled in as well.  Having the right

4. Mention Your Content and CTA in the first 10 seconds

Not surprisingly, most people do not watch to the end of all videos. While having a “channel advertisement” at the end of videos is essential (the next tip) and should always be done, this is more important because of user behavior. You have an opportunity in your introduction to let everyone know that more information is below, ask to subscribe, and mention anything else you want them to do. These calls to action are super important for your business. Most people are expecting the audience to convert elsewhere, make sure they know where you want them to go.

5. Wrap up every video with a commercial for you

This might not be as important as the call to action in the first 10 seconds, it is essential for building your brand. Have fun with it. Make a few different “channel commercials” that you add at the end of each video. Reward people for watching all the way to the end. Some of the biggest YouTube channels do this extremely well. Remember to repeat your call to action, ask people to subscribe and like the video.

Even though its simple, each one of Michael’s videos end with the same tag about him being a Realtor in Richmond, BC. You only need to film it once, but it solidifies who you are and its a perfect time for a plug!

After spending a lot of time creating a great video, don’t miss opportunities by following these five tips to get more attention and views on your YouTube channel. Following these tips won’t make your life harder, they are simple tips for the videos that you are already spending so much time and energy creating. Video is a platform that really gets your message across and I personally want to thank all the content creators because it makes marketing much easier. Keep creating!

This post was written by Chris Milton.  While he loves video, you’ll rarely find him in front of the camera.  You can follow him @chrismilt or read more of his articles on marketing and business.

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