How to get the most of your 140 characters on Twitter

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Every second counts when making an impression, when it comes to twitter every character counts. Making an impression with limited space and in a crowded feed or tweets and promotions can be difficult to cut through the noise. Here are 3 simple tips to make the most of your 140 characters.

1) Straight to the Point: Be Concise and Add a Link

Your tweets should read like headlines in a newspaper.  A headline is designed to grab attention and introduce the topic.  There isn’t an exact science to writing headlines, getting people past the tweet and on your website or into your sales funnel is what matters.  This is not a green light to use link bait.  That is bad no matter how you spin it.

2) Get Visual: Use Images and Videos

Getting attention through the numerous tweets in any news feed is much easier when you attach an image or include video.  While icons can be useful, the verdict is still out on the effectiveness and can work with a younger audience (millennials) but may not always be relevant.   The break from text typically causes people to stop, look and hopefully click.

Images in Tweets

Don’t rely on images being populated from the link you are posting. The only sure bet for an image to appear for everyone seeing your tweet is to upload it while composing your tweet. These images will also show up in your profile, under your description and will be included forever in your log of multimedia on twitter.

Video in Tweets

While videos on Facebook have become very intrusive with autoplay, Twitter doesn’t hog data and requires a user to click.  This click ensures your video views are more qualified than the Facebook autoplay.  Include video to introduce topics that could be longer or more in depth. Follow the commercial length and always stay under one minute. The longer video should be after the click through.

Icons and Emojis in Tweets

Instagram is testing emojis to work like hashtags. Time will tell if it works or not.  Emojis are a second language which most people don’t even understand.  There are hilarious posts about people trying to tweet with them and completely failing.  My favourite example is Paul Pierce. While Paul Pierce might be “The Truth” the honest truth here is that he doesn’t know how to use emojis.  Emojis substitute for text, they are not inserted as images.


3) Rinse and Repeat: Tweet the same topic multiple times

Read: this is not spamming your followers. Twitter metrics that show on everyone’s profile are there to give an idea of history, activity, relevance and popularity.  These stats are important because unlike other social platforms that are profile heavy and have users creeping viewing profiles, twitter is about what’s happening at that moment.

Recycling your tweets or catering them at certain times of day for audiences in different time zones, having different patterns in their day or days of week.  You want to increase your relevance by being seen by your followers.

Here’s a couple trends that happen in each time zone:

  • 7am – 9am: morning commute
  • 10am: morning lull
  • 12pm-1pm: the traditional lunch break
  • 4pm-6pm: after work commute

Your audience always matters, to interact with them and build a strong relationship, make it easy.  Be tweeting when they will see it.  Don’t duplicate, but adjust your tweet going to the same content.

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