How to Land Your Dream Job

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capilano university how to land your dream job with tangle creative

Speaking to groups is always exciting, especially when they are ambitious university business students.  I had the pleasure of speaking to a group of Capilano University BBA candidates and wanted to recap the content of my 5 minutes.  The event, How to Land your Dream Job, was designed to give practical advice that can get anyone moving in the right direction to a great career or perfect job.  As the marketing person, much of my topics are about making yourself more appealing (marketing), showing off your skills (marketing) and positioning yourself for the right company (marketing).

Landing your Dream Job: Establish Your Brand

Just like any business, you have something that you do best.  Think back to all of those classes that looked at SWOT Analysis and asked to look at a how a business is positioned in a marketplace.  You know how to do it, so run the same test on yourself.  Find your strengths and passions; leverage them.

Landing your Dream Job: Show off your Work

What you are currently doing in counts as your work.  You have skills that you can put to the test and don’t be afraid to show it off.  If you’re creative, build a portfolio of your work no matter the client.  It could be the logo or branding of a club night.  Practice your skills on personal projects and let the world know how and why you did it.  This helps solidify your personal brand.  Everyone can write, start a blog and update it regularly.  Just like blogging can benefit businesses, it can benefit individuals too.

Landing your Dream Job: Know your value

Every business has metrics that it uses to see how it is doing.  Knowing how you are contributing to this bottom line is very important, if not the most important.  Too many people start working and don’t really understand how their contributions benefit the company.  The more benefit you can add, the more valuable you will be to a company both currently and for the long run.  We at Tangle look at this very simply; every task is either revenue generating or revenue supporting.  Each function or task is generating new business or its pulling off the work for clients.  Both are very valuable, but if the two get confused, there is no value for ourselves or our clients.

I think it also fair to mention that the first job out of university, might not be the perfect fit.  It could mean advancing yourself through the company you are working for, or finding a different position after getting a better understanding of what you’re looking for.  The best advice is to get something happening.  The three points above are all action items. Even while looking for a job, or planning your career, you can actively be building your worth in the job market.

Good luck. Go make it happen!

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