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recommended marketing certifications from tangle creative
Spending time talking with students about their career path and how they can make an impact is an activity that always deserves my time.  I think its important to give back and share your experiences and best practices.  In a follow-up to one of the points made when speaking recently, I wanted to go through a couple of important certifications that you can get that are totally free but add a tremendous amount of value!
This came to mind as an initial “resume/portfolio booster” for students and recent graduates, however, these skills are very important to anyone working in a business that sells something.  I think by learning how marketers work their craft we also become better consumers… but that’s another topic!
These certifications might not be practical for everyone, but they certainly matter for those working in marketing or working with an agency.

Marketing Certifications: Hubspot / Inbound Certification

Think of this as a crash course in how to do online marketing.  It dives into the ways that you can invest in your website to create a rocking inbound marketing website that helps educate buyers, convert leads and boost your brand.  A lot of what’s here is how we build our websites; marketing and function first.
Takeaway: If you’re ever asked for your opinion about what a website should do or how it should function, this will turn you into the expert in the conversation.

Marketing Certifications: Google Adwords 

The Google Adwords certification is a crash course in how to use AdWords and how you can make the most of the platform. Being the largest platform of digital advertising, learning AdWords is like learning to ride a bike, its pretty essential for anyone who needs to work with digital advertising.  There are specific courses afterwards to boost your knowledge (and certification) for platforms like video advertising on YouTube.
Take away: It teaches you how to be more effective with your Pay-Per-Click (PPC) budget!

Marketing Certifications: Google Analytics

Many of the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) practices are driven by what Google chooses to do with its algorithms and it typically chooses to influence websites to be more like the website with the best analytics. This certification teaches the basics of how to analyze traffic on your website, how people are getting there, where they go afterwards.  Since the analytics show you how your site is performing, its the “other side” of learning SEO, and making changes based on Analytics improve your website for visitors.
Take away: Learn what traffic actually is, how it makes a difference and what the bottom line means for your business. 

Marketing Certifications: Facebook Blueprint

Facebook is not shy about letting businesses know that organic isn’t going to happen much on Facebook without bringing the audience yourself.  However, Facebook does have one of the best audience profiling tools on the web.  Learning about how to build audiences, target customers, then duplicate your best customers to increase number of conversions (my favourite).
Take away: Really understand your audience by filling in the blanks about your best customers.  Then find more. Amazing.
Knowledge is power, and in this case, these certifications will make you a more powerful marketer.  Get the pieces in place to have a great understanding of digital marketing.

This post written by Tangle Creative‘s Founding Partner, Chris Milton. He can talk your ear off about marketing, and getting some of these certifications will help you keep up with the conversation. You can follow him on twitter or connect on LinkedIn.

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