Video Strategy: Incorporating Film into the Sales Funnel

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Did you know that YouTube is considered to be the second largest search engine on the Internet? In fact, it is bigger than AOL, Ask, Bing, and Yahoo combined! So, why is this statistic important? The answer is simple: it demonstrates how frequently people are turning to video to solve their problems.

The rise of video in marketing is something that businesses can’t afford to ignore; it should be considered in each of the four stages of the sales funnel.

Awareness – When you are building awareness about your product or service, video can help in several ways.

  1. Video makes you distinguishable – It can be used to show what you’re offering and how it is different than what your competitors are offering.
  2. Video makes you desirable – It shows why your product is needed by giving examples of the types of problems it solves in a practical and memorable way.
  3. Video allows you to target an audience – Placement is key. If the video is placed properly on the Web, views will determine whether you are reaching your actual audience.

Interest – Engage your audience with your video. Instead of telling them what your product is, show them why they need your product. At the interest level, it is important to hook the viewer and have them seek out reviews to lead them to a decision.

Decision – Your video should help consumers make a decision. It should include a call to action either directing visitors to your site or to the final stage in their buying experience: a purchase!

Action – Ready… Set… Action! Schedule your video content and prepare to boost it across your platforms. Get your creative juices flowing and aim to make a viral video that will encourage shares and sales.

There should be room for video in every marketing budget. Remember: not every video requires a huge film crew and special effects editing. A raw, one-take video may be all it takes to get your business noticed. Incorporate video in every aspect of your sales funnel, starting today!


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